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Guide To

Step 1: Purchase the 4 / 8 Session Pass

Purchase the 4 / 8 Session Pass here!

Step 2: Check your inbox

After successful purchase of the 4 / 8 Session Pass, you will receive an email containing a code.

Step 3: Choose your sessions

Click here to select your desired session and quantity of tickets required. Click "Add to cart"


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Step 4: Enter your details

Enter your name and contact information to continue.


Step 5: Enter your code

At the "Pay" page, click on "Add Discount Code"

Then enter the code that you received in the email.

Click "Apply" and it will discount the price of your tickets accordingly. Click "Confirm order" to proceed. You will then receive an email confirmation.

The sessions in your session pass do not have to be used at the same time.
They can be used by whoever, and whenever in a one year period!