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Contrary to what people may think when they are 36m from the floor at the highest point of AIRZONE, with just a net beneath them, they are extremely safe!

Let me bore you with just how safe AIRZONE is. The safety factors we designed for at AIRZONE (a safety factor being how many times more safe than it needs to be) exceeds all of the norms for the actual mall itself. All equipment size and materials we selected and designed are 10 times stronger than they actually need to be. The normal design safety factor would be 6 times (we just went the extra mile with a big 10 times).

The brief to the design team in France and Singapore was "make it the strongest you can possibly make!". And that philosophy is adopted for everything we do. Kiasu, Kiasi.... no need as it's all taken care of. Furthermore; all of the design is submitted and work could only commence once permits from the Singapore Authorities were granted (BCA and SCDF).

Let's take the net as an example. The material of the net is one that is very interesting (for those interested in materials!). It is a strong type of net which is predominantly used offshore for fishing nets. Therefore it is usually subjected to salt, cold, wet and a choppy sea environment. AIRZONE experiences a cool 22 degress with the mall's AC and therefore; the material is significantly less stressed than it would be in its original intended environment.

Furthermore; we're not catching a whale. We have 60 baby sharks only (yes; your children!). Therefore our nets are designed for much higher loading. The strength comes from the way it is made. The braided rope forming a net spreads the load over an area causing the forces to be distributed creating a very strong surface. You can think of it like stiletto heels in snow vs snow shoes. It's all about the surface area in contact with the net. Thats why one level of our nets can hold two fully laden SBS buses lying side by side! We were going to try it; but they would not fit through the mall entrance.

Safety doesn't only come from the design though; it comes from between the ears. Everyone has a role to play. Hence; abide by the simple participation instructions we provide:

- No flips or somersaults

- One person climbing and sliding at any one time

- Adopt correct position: crossed ankles and arms when sliding

- No loose articles

Our crew are always on hand and in the vicinity to assist all our visitors. We even conduct emergency drills ensuring we are ready for an evacuation should we need to undertake it. On a more pressing subject, we love to clean. We regularly clean and sanitise all of AIRZONE. The ball pit is cleaned by means of a special machine which processes dirty balls; washes them; dries them and then blows them back when they sparkle.

I hope this provides some insight to just how safe the design and operation is at AIRZONE. From ensuring the design has extra capacity; to the highly trained staff for operations. We trust you will have an awesome time with us and join the 100,000 guests since opening in January 2018 (many of whom return time and time again)!


Steve Wood

AIRZONE - Rules of fun
AIRZONE - Rules of Fun


Children below 5 years old must be accompanied by a supervising adult, who will require a separate ticket, into AIRZONE. Children between 5 to 6 years old must be supervised by an adult in the immediate vicinity (outside AIRZONE).



All loose articles such as keys, wallets and phones must be left in our free lockers or shoe rack. If you wear glasses, please ask our crew for a spectacle strap. Handphones that are kept in our approved phone pouches may be brought into AIRZONE. Phone pouches are available for sale.


Food and drinks (even water) are not allowed to be consumed in the attraction. Please consume food and drinks only on Level 2 or at our nearby cafe, FreeTime.


Close-toe shoes must be worn on AIRZONE. Sorry no slippers, strapless heel shoes or high heels. It is advised that guests wear comfortable tops and shorts or long pants. Those wearing skirts are advised to bring a change of shorts.

AIRZONE - Safety


All guests must be able to use the slides and bridge climbs independently without assistance. All guests must also be able to walk without assistance. Please adopt the proper sliding position of crossed arms and ankles.


We provide a short safety briefing to all guests -- new or returning! Please adhere to all instructions from crew. Crew members are around for the safety and comfort of guests in AIRZONE.